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A simple request turned into a huge headache…

December 24, 2009

HeadacheA simple request turned into a HUGE headache….

Yesterday I sent a plumber up to a condo to winterize it. Simple request really, although he had a sneaking suspicion this might be a bit of a problem. Last week he put in a new hot water heater for the owner, and never turned it on. However, when checking on things before leaving the unit he found there was hot water coming out of one of the cold water taps in a bathroom. Not good at all.

He had problems yesterday. The problems were so complex when he described them to me I knew there would be a problem today. He found a tangled web of pipes and shut off valves, so he did his best and put a note on the unit downstairs with his card taped to the door. If they found they were lacking water they should call him.

I phoned the condo manager. She didn’t seem surprised, the plumbing might be a bit compromised. Hmmmm…. I told her it would not be my clients responsibility for charges beyond the initial winterization. Fair is fair.

I just got a call from the plumber. He is on his way back up to the unit. The woman downstairs came home late last night to no cold water at all. Her toilets are flushing however, with hot water. Beyond the realization that the plumbing is totally screwed up (that is MY technical term for the problem) this can cause the toilets to crack which will create a whole new set of problems. Plus the power is off in our unit. If the condo association wants to turn the power on to keep the water on, so be it. My client will not do it I am sure. (The plumber called the manager of the complex, she will be meeting him there.)

The good news? The woman is going away for a few days so they can turn off the water main to these 2 units, if they can find the right valve. The bad news? Not bad news for my client really, more like bad news for the condo association. My client is an investor who will not want to hear ANY of this, I am preparing the email to send to him and advise him of the situation.

I will admit, my first phone call after speaking with the plumber was to my broker. We did have a good laugh for a few fleeting moments. Kind of like one of those stress relief giggle moments, if you know what I mean. But the implications are mind boggling. And to think, these units have passed inspections all along, and they have been very pricey, before the market took a downwards turn.

I have a turkey dinner to cook for a 6:00 pm dinner, work at the office to be finished up, presents for the baby to wrap, and now I guess a trip up to the condo complex might have to be in order. And it is not a hop, skip and a jump away from everything else I have to do today. Such is life I guess. In the meantime…

Any chance someone has a very large aspirin for me today?

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