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Looking for Activerainers with the power of voodoo, who do?

December 20, 2009

Do you have the power? The power of voodoo. Who do? Is it you? This grandma is getting impatient. The impending arrival for the next grandchild is January 8th, which for those of you who pay attention happens to be the birthday of Elvis Presley. But that is not important. (Sorry Elvis fans).
Having a baby boy
My daughter is having a boy, and according to my friend who is a devout believer in the Chinese birth calendar, the date must be wrong because if she is having a boy the birth must be before the end of December. Otherwise all the blue items, including the room decorations themselves, are wrong wrong wrong and it will be a girl who needs to like trucks and cars and all things boy.

I am curious, are there any of you with the power? I am looking for that all important date, LOL. And this grandma is getting very very impatient! And so is my daughter I have to say. All is set and ready to go according to the doctor, so tell me what YOU think!

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