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I got a call… ActiveRain PhotoBloggersGroup!

December 15, 2009

telephoneI got a call… ActiveRain PhotoBloggersGroup!

Yesterday as some of you know, was a very hectic day. I picked up our new boarders at the airport, (my daughter and 2 yr old grandson), I raced home in time to go with my other very pregnant daughter to her doctors appointment. As we were waiting to go in, my cell phone rang, I had forgotten to turn it down. I quickly answered the phone in a very hushed voice, and got a great big surprise.

Gaylordsville Neapolitan CrecheI wrote a “photo blog” last week about the Neapolitan Creche here that a local artist puts up through the holidays. Who was on the phone? The artist! Seems she ran into someone who was looking at the creche and the woman told her she found out about it on a “real estate web site”. The artist quickly went inside and googled “Gaylordsville” and “creche” and came across my Activerain “photo blog” post about her work on display. She was calling to thank me and to tell me how much she loved the photographs. She thought it was such a wonderful thing for me to do!

Live Christmas Tree Fieldstone NurseryThis is the second Christmas-y photo blog post that has gotten me attention. The first was the one about the “live” Christmas tree at one of the local nursery’s. That got me an email, a phone call and a beautiful wreath and centerpiece for my table. And more, which I will talk about another time.

Get with the local content! And if you haven’t joined the ActiveRain PhotoBlogger group, check it out. You don’t need to have a professional style camera, you only need to have a camera that works. Use the photos to enhance telling your story and use the story to enhance your wonderful photos! There are some great posts about “photo blogging” in the group too!

OK, so maybe it wasn’t a call from a buyer or seller, but I have to tell you, getting those calls from locals who are so grateful for what you have done, and love love love your work is a real boost. As we all know, it is all about getting your name out there. And having fun doing it too.

Photo Blogger Group

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