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We did the “full program” today

November 26, 2009

Ducan sleepsWe did the “full program” today. Food, family, fun, checking your eyelids for holes after an awesome meal. What a wonderful day it was. We ate until there was no more room, my daughter made so many different dishes it was amazing. Perhaps a pregnant woman shouldn’t put together a holiday menu, I’m just sayin…


(Keep in mind there were only 4 of us there) She had the food listed in 3 different groups, take a look at what we had today:

Less Fat:
Shrimp Cocktail, Cheese and Crackers, Olives, Pickles
More Fat:
Turkey with Apples & Prunes, Roasted Potatoes and Carrots, Stuffing, Gravy, Sweet Potato Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Carrot Salad, Beet Salad, Tomatoes and Cucumber Salad with Dill, Cranberry Sauce and Rolls
Most Fat:
Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie with Ice Cream, Strawberry Shortcake

Tomorrow I am driving to Rhode Island. My very dear friend from Chicago is there, visiting her daughter. I have not been away for quite a while, I am quite excited. After arriving in Rhode Island we will leave for Boston, her family wants to go to Chinatown. It will be a long day, but a good one! On Saturday a trip to Mystic, CT to eat at Mystic Pizza, which I have NEVER done. (She has however, and swears by the pizza.) Then home on Sunday.

I will see you all when I get back! Although I am taking my laptop, I am not sure if I will have time to check in. Forgive my absence, and have a wonderful weekend! I know I will!

I do hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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