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Mortgage scams comes to Connecticut via Florida

November 24, 2009

Mortgage scams comes to Connecticut via Florida.

CT Attorney General Richard BlumenthalConnecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a man who has been a great champion for the rights of Connecticut citizens since 1991, serving 5 terms here. Blumenthal picked up on the dilema of a CT resident who was scammed by a company called “Hope Alliance”, a name very similar to the goverment sponsored non profit organization, “Hope Now Alliance”. Hope Alliance, based in Florida, has been under investigation in Iowa, Virginia and Massachusetts also, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has banned Hope Alliance from doing any business there. I suspect that Mr. Blumenthal will show no mercy toward Hope Alliance, and we may indeed see a ban here also.

As Realtors® it is so important to us to understand that some of our previous clients are in trouble, and there are bottom feeders out there waiting to take advantage of what little they have left. The word needs to get out, we must assist these home owners in any way we can. But stumbling blindly into the night, holding our crusader torch is NOT the way to go. I, like many others of my fellow Realtors® are taking the time to study up on short sales, to gather legal, solid information to pass on to these homeowners that are in an upside down situation. I am reading up on loan re-modifications so I can pass correct information on to anyone who may need it. I have a list of attorneys who can handle things if a sale is not the correct thing to do.

I, for one, would love to see the National Association of Realtors® spend some of their advertising dollars to alert consumers to their options, legitimate, safe options, when finding themselves in trouble. Although it is wonderful that the NAR is trying to bolster the current and future housing market, we need to assist those of our past clients who are in trouble too.

And to CT State’s Attorney Richard Blumenthal, get the thumb screws out, do what you do so well, keep our Connecticut residents who are in trouble with their mortgages safe from these type of scams! This is dirty dirty business indeed, amazing how the bottom feeders come out when people are in distress. I truly cannot fathom how people can be like this. Shame shame on the perpetrators.

(Photo of Mr. Blumenthal from website)

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