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Tools of the Trade

November 15, 2009

Tools of the trade, choosing the correct tools for the job is often confusing in today’s fast changing real estate world. My tools are pretty straight forward. Doing my job without them is often close to impossible. I have found the following tools to be invaluable when doing my day to day business:

  • ActiveRain
  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • Blackberry
  • Personal Website
  • Personal Email Address
  • Realbird
  • Flashlight
  • Measuring Tape

I have clients coming in today to look at land, plus a home that the prospective builder is in the process of finishing. It rained pretty good yesterday and there is lots of brush on the property. What are the tools I will use today?????

  • A heavy pair of jeans
  • Tick Spray



Now I admit, I am trying to decide which pair of boots to wear. Either pair, I will have to clean the boots. They have been worn in the cow barn, need I say more?

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