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My mornings may never be the same again.

November 14, 2009

La PeppinaMy mornings may never be the same again. After 6 years of loyal, faithful service my espresso maker seems to have died a very painful death. Now I didn’t have just any espresso machine, La Peppina was the most amazing machine. Made in Italy, the company closed probably about 30 plus years ago. It was a gift from a friend, belonged to his father who had loved it and used it as much as we did. It could no longer froth the milk, the gasket for that attachment had long fallen apart. I had searched and searched, even had a friend who speaks Italian call someone in Italy who works on these machines. Those particular gaskets seemed to be very hard to come by. As a work around I used a frother instead.

Every morning I made my wonderful cappuccino, not even Starbucks came close to what my beautiful La Peppina could make. My mornings started with the dogs nose in my face, I fed the animals, made my most excellent cup of cappuccino, sat on my couch with my laptop, a steamy brew of heaven and all my friends here in the ‘rain.

I went into the kitchen this morning and much to my surprise the machine was gone, in its place were 2 different sized coffee presses. La Peppina was stuffed under the counter. After a moment of silence I resigned myself to mornings without the best cup of coffee in the world and made my coffee with the coffee press. It is nowhere near as good, mornings will never be the same. Instead of signing on to ActiveRain I started searching for information on my beloved La Peppina.

Aha! In the time since we first got it there have been some aficionados who have put up websites on how to fix these machines. Even have gaskets and spare parts! The instructions are clear and concise, I wonder if I can attempt this myself. I can build a computer, but I am afraid that I won’t be able to do this.

So, if I seem out of sorts, it is because I am without the worlds best cup of cappuccino in the mornings. Mornings will be difficult for a while now, until I get up the courage to work on my baby. And, for those of you who read my post yesterday about paraskavedekatriaphobia, perhaps there really is something to it. After all, La Peppina did die on Friday the 13th!

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