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Three dogs and the Ship of Fools

November 7, 2009

Three dogs and the Ship of Fools. And how was YOUR day showing homes today?

I had hoped to have 3 homes to show my clients today. A beautiful fall day in New Milford, CT, it was a perfect day for house hunting. Just before leaving my house to meet up with them I got a call confirming my showing for the third home from the home owner. Yes, of course it was fine to come and see the house. Her dog would be in the house loose, and he “should” be fine. He is only possessive of people, not the house. I opted to skip that showing. The agent called me back on the second house, the tenants left the door open, but there would be an older German Shepherd in the house, loose. He is a bit blind, senile and barks a lot. If we are uncomfortable going in, perhaps we could look in the windows??? The first house on the list was holding an open house, so that was a no brainer at least.

We got to the second house, there were two dogs in the house and they went crazy while we were peeking in the windows. NO WAY were we going to walk inside. But my clients are very interested, and we have a showing set for tomorrow, the tenants have promised to remove the dogs when we are there.

When I spoke with the listing agent to confirm the showing for tomorrow and ask a few questions, I did explain that we already have a “deal breaker” if we get to the table. The pirate ship in the front yard needs to stay…. There was a pause, silence at the other end of the line. Pirate ship? What pirate ship? Why the Ship of Fools sitting in the front yard, larger than the house! I asked him when the last time was he actually saw the listing, and he said he drove by today but never noticed it.

OK, tell me, would you notice this if it was in the front yard of one of your listings???? I’m just sayin…

Pirate Ship

And as a side note, although the “Ship of Fools” just might clinch the deal, all these loose dogs in the homes are preventing anyone from even getting to the deal table! As much as I love dogs, I will not walk into a home with dogs running loose in the house. If you want to get the house sold, take the dogs out for showings! I have been known to do it myself for my clients if they are unable to, dog permitting. So unless you have access to a pirate ship, TAKE THE DOGS OUT! And to think, I thought the 6 llamas I had to find homes for were the strangest deal breaker going!

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