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Using my blog to enhance existing relationships, another one of Bob’s Brilliant Brainstorms!

October 27, 2009

BoxBob’s Brilliant Brainstorm strikes again! Bob Stewart has one of those contests running again, and if you are not thinking about entering it, well, fine. Don’t get an obscene amount of points for one post. After all, we all know points don’t matter, right? Yeah, ok, well, here is MY post for that obscene amount of points. But let me suck up to Bob first. Thank you Bob, how great is this! What a guy!

Since we all are winners in this one, I believe Bob is trying to get us to think outside the box, to share what we do with others and of course, earn more points. So, here it goes, my entry for the “Using your blog to enhance existing relationships”.

Currently I use posts that I have written in the following ways:

  • Send prospective buyers posts about specific areas they may be interested in, or listing posts.
  • Send prospective sellers to my posts by keywords to show the marketing power of blogging on ActiveRain.
  • Send sellers listing posts for their home, or any hyper local posts that involves their area.
  • Send sellers market reports

This is not enough, by far! I realize daily more of the powers that ActiveRain brings to us! Never fear, now I have some wonderful ideas to implement after reading over some of the other entries. I am, however, awaiting Lenn Harley’s post with baited breath as I know I will learn more than one thing from her! She has promised to blow our socks off, and I, for one, believe her.

Here are a few notables that I have found so far, which I am thinking might assist my endeavors to incorporate ActiveRain with past and present clients in a better way. Yes, these are not my ideas, I readily admit it. But here is the power of ActiveRain at its best, showing and teaching me how to do my business even better every day!

Activerain drops

Coleen DeGroff has an awesome idea about what to do with those pesky market reports. I am going to add a tab on my website for local area market reports, which I will link back to my ActiveRain Market Reports. Great idea Coleen, thank you! Please feel free to harass me to make sure I have done this, but give me a week at least!

George Souto has given me an excellent idea with his entry. I will start emailing a link to his posts for buyers that are in need of a mortgage person. I already pass his name along anyway, now they will have more information at the tips of their fingers almost instantly! Better information on mortgages than I can give them.

This made me think about inspections, I can send buyers to inspectors blogs as we get close to making that offer. Of course I need to keep it relevant to CT, so it should be a CT home inspector. That’s ok, I have one of them in mind!

There were more ideas than you can shake a stick at from those who have posted their entries so far. I have read and marveled at the marketing genius and professionalism exhibited by my fellow ‘rainers. Puts me to shame, yet certainly gives me food for thought and work for the next 10 years, I need another one of me. Maybe Bob’s next contest will involve the secret of cloning oneself!

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