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Step up to the plate and hit a home run will you please?

October 25, 2009

Step up to the plateStep up to the plate and hit a home run will you please? Or at least step up to the plate and TRY!

I have a question for both brokers and agents.

Brokers, do you want your agents to have their own identity and presence on the web? Do you expect or even demand that agents spend time and money on personal promotion?

Agents, why would you NOT want to have your own website with email address? I realize that I am preaching to the choir on this one, but still, why oh why would agents rely on their companies/brokers to provide leads, etc. Or rely on “walk ins” or those floor time calls?

I am getting ready to speak to another office about their web presence. They were looking at pearlsmy website, and decided it was time to find out what I know, how I know it, etc. I have informed my broker that I will be doing this. Perhaps she is not happy about it, she did ask me to speak with our own people about it. But I have tried to motivate my fellow sales people in my office and they just don’t want to hear it. They even argue with me about it. A very wise person once told me, don’t cast your pearls before swine. Now I am not saying calling my fellow agents swine, but the concept seems to fit!

My take on this is from an agents point of view, not the broker. It is a small office I am speaking to, a single non franchise operation. I believe with all my heart that we as agents need to brand brand brand ourselves, need to have our own web presence, our own professional email addresses, etc. I am taking a risk for sure, but I am going to pay it forward with everything I have gotten here on ActiveRain. They have noticed what I am doing, they are struggling, and they have reached out and asked for my knowledge. So I will go and cast my pearls on Tuesday. And I have all of you on ActiveRain to thank for this opportunity, and of course, ActiveRain itself!

And for those of you that know me, how could I say no to them? The broker used to milk cows and loves them as much as I do!


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