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Getting Engaged on Activerain?

October 21, 2009

Engagement RingGetting engaged on Activerain? If you aren’t, you should be. Who could care less about comments on their posts? Don’t count me in THAT group. One of the very best things about Activerain (other than the Google milk and clients we obtain) is the friends we make right here. OK, there are a few more things that are fantastic, but the friends rock! And they know lots of good stuff too.

A few weeks ago I had a very specific question I needed an answer to, I called our very own, very engaging Craig Rutman, he knew it was me right away! OK, maybe the fact I asked him if “the doctor was in” helped (he offered to help me after the general consensus was that I am sick and need help) Anyway, Craig spent a good 45 minutes helping me to sort out the issue I was calling him about. Now just how cool is that may I ask. Someone who a few short months ago I had never heard of, he never knew me, and yet because of Activerain I got some very wise advice from someone who has been down the road I was thinking of heading, and imparted some honest good old fashioned advice to me. He couldn’t help the fact that I am nuts, but otherwise, I feel better.

There was the time I had referred a client to a Prudential agent in Florida. I would have rather found someone on AR, but I didn’t have that opportunity. Anyway, I had to assist the agent when the condo sold by helping the client (who lives here in New Milford, CT) to sign the contract of sale. Florida is different than CT, I didn’t want to look as dumb as I felt, so I called the first person that came to mind, Broker Bryant. He answered my question, relieved my fears, and because of him I was able to have the client sign in a swift manner, she felt comfortable with my explanations and I have a referral check in my pocket. Way to go BB!!! Broker Bryant and his lovely wife TLW are very engaging people, take a peek and find out for yourself!

There are more stories. I recently did a post about some of the great people here on Activerain that I have met and learned from. I am ever so thrilled to be here, I could go on and on, and believe me, Activerain does NOT pay me, or anyone else for that matter, for my opinion about ActiveRain. We choose to write about it because we love it! I also do it because I remember what it was like when I first got here. I was overwhelmed, I just didn’t quite get it. The Ambassador program had not yet been rolled out, and if it weren’t for Pat Kennedy, well, she made my day and I kept going. Totally irreverant, Pat is sure to engage her readers at all times!

Then there were the birthday calls to me from Al & Peggy Cunningham, and from that British Agent Guy to name a few. Wow, that blew me away, they called me, engaged me on a very personal note and it meant a great deal to me!

I received a wonderful challenge from our own Vegas Bob right on one of my posts. Vegas Bob wants ME to write posts using his photos, we are going to collaborate. How do I know Vegas Bob? I have never met him in person but I sure do know him well! He has engaged me in conversation on my posts, and I do the same with him. VB as I call him has started some pretty cool groups here, and I can tell you for a fact, if he runs into you, he will welcome you and make you feel right at home. He will engage you right away!

Engagement RingReal life has put me a bit behind in my posting and commenting, this makes me very sad. I love to write posts and leave comments, to engage others in their posts.  I love to visit the posts of people who leave me comments. If you comment on my post I try to make it to your blog and leave a comment there if I have time. I actually go back after writing comments to see what you had to say to me, can you imagine that?

Engage me, talk to me!!! I, like many others, go back to see if you had anything to say to me. Yes, really, there are those of us who do that! After all, this is a social network you know, be social. Break out of that cocoon and meet some people. Don’t be shy, with all the folks here on AR you will be sure to find the right neighborhood to move into.

The more engaging you are, the more friends you make. The more engaging you are, the more comments you will get. The more engaging you are, the more points your posts will get. The more engaging you are, the more clients you will get out of this experience. If you are not engaged on Activerain, get with it because you should be!
And remember one other thing, there are 162,562 members (and growing daily) of Activerain who know people that need real estate services in all other parts of the country. If they don’t KNOW you, don’t get to meet you and see who you are, chances are they will refer to someone else they do KNOW here in the rain. And there are potential clients and friends of clients reading our posts too. Engage them too! I am engaged to all my friends here in the rain, and you know who you are!!! The list is so long, I have never been engaged to so many at one time ever in my life.

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