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Beat this if you can!

October 12, 2009

My baby PatrickBeat this if you can! I got up this morning determined to make it a good one. I read Richard Weissers post about Monday being the day you “set the tone” for the rest of the week… As always, Richard makes a good point. I decided this day would set a wonderful tone. I would grab my camera and take pictures of the fall foliage. Today was a gift to myself. (I am 50something today, and I really wanted to make this a great day, my day).

Off I went in my Wrangler, camera in tow, heading through Merryall in New Milford, towards South Kent and Bulls Bridge. I thought I would drive by the pasture where my beloved steer hangs out. I have not seen him since we put him there this spring. Every time I drive by the cows are elsewhere. Today, in all his glory, Patrick was there waiting to say hello! I got some great shots of him both as I was driving to Bulls Bridge and as I was heading home. He has grown so much, and other than coloring, looks just like his mother. Such a gift!

I swung by Hatch Pond in South Kent and got a few great pictures of the pond. Next I stopped in front of South Kent School and that was a winner. Then to Bulls Bridge, with about 5 other people with cameras, shooting the covered bridge and Housatonic River. Ran into some people from Ireland who were “leaf peeping” and camera snapping just like me!

Then back the same way, a few more photos of the amazing scenery, again by Patrick for another shot of the most handsome steer of all time, a few more clicks of the camera at some breathtaking views and off to see my youngest daughter and grandson. Got my hugs and sloppy wet 2 year old kisses from the most handsome man in MY life and all was right with the world. I was convinced Richard was on to something, this was a great day, and now the week would follow suit, no way around it.

My cell phone rang, but I couldn’t get to it on time. My grandson was on my lap, and I just don’t move as fast as I used to. I missed the call, and didn’t recognize the number. But being the good real estate agent that I am I promptly listened to the message.

And now for the biggest most amazing surprise of all. It was a blast from the past, from MY past of 40 some odd years ago and more. My best friend when I was a teen, last time we saw each other we were 19. She has been looking for me for years and I for her. She decided today to give it one last shot, she was thinking about me as she remembered today is my birthday. (ok, how did she ever remember that I would really like to know) And as she said, “you just gotta love the internet”! She now lives in Alexandria, VA, not so very far from me. We are planning a visit as I write this. I am so excited! I also had been looking for her, to no avail. I did find her parents and was in the process of writing a letter to them, but she beat me to the punch!

So, how’s that for an absolutely awesome day? Beat that one! I hope you have a great day too!

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