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6 degrees of separation in real estate

October 4, 2009

6 degrees of separation in real estate. Let me set the stage. Well this was one degree of separation if that, but that is not a catchy title.

Winchester homeBefore life on the ranch in Arizona we lived in Winchester, MA. The 2 places are so different, very much polar opposites. But that is clearly another story for another time. My dad was raised in Winchester, my mother, Revere, MA. If you know anything about Boston accents, there are many and very different variations on the same theme. My mother said “paack the cah at Havad yad”, my father Haahvaahd, H A AAH V A AAH D. We went every Sunday to visit my mom’s family in Revere, which is just outside of Boston. The planes landing at Logan seemed to kiss the chimney at my grandfathers house, a different world indeed from Winchester although a mere 20 minutes of driving time. During the summer months we spent many a day down at the beaches of Revere.

I can remember very clearly the day I felt so betrayed by my mother. I could finally read, we went to the beach, I looked up and saw the sign that said Short Beach. I turned to her and asked her why she had told me the name of the beach was SHOT Beach. It was that very day that I vowed to myself never to speak like “them”. People from the Boston area tend to take the r’s out of words and stick them at the end, where they don’t belong, or throw them out all together. (Had a teacher that insisted we live in Noth Americahr. Interesting to say the least. Perhaps if I hadn’t felt so betrayed I would sound like a Kennedy! But I digress.

shot beachI was out with buyers in late winter of this year. Mr. Buyer had a wicked sense of humor, very sharp with a hint of sarcasim. He is an Episcopal priest, Mrs. Buyer was very tolerant of his sense of humor and had a good one of her own. This was to be their first home. They are of my generation, he is a few years older than I. As we were driving I asked Mr. Buyer where he was from as I detected a slight accent hidden in his speech, a Boston “Hahvahd” type like my father. There was something he said that really clued me in, the number 44. I can’t even type it phonetically, but I honed in on that and just knew.

Mr. Buyer was sitting in the front seat next to me, Mrs. Buyer behind, I could see her face in the rear view mirror. Mr. Buyer said to me yes indeed he was from outside of Boston, a town called Winchester. I actually pulled the car over, looked at her in the rear view mirror to see if she was raising that eyebrow. Nope, she was just looking at me a bit puzzled as I had pulled over. I asked him if he was serious, yes he was. I told him I was from Winchester, we determined that his best friend was my next door neighbor.

My next door neighbors were the strangest people going, LOL, even Mr. Buyer agreed. (I think Frank Zappa wrote a song about them) Mr. Buyer also lived very close to my cousin, and Mr. Buyer had been responsible for the very cool coffee house where we heard people play such as Livingston Taylor play. The coffee house was located in the building of the Episcopal church in town. Very interesting indeed. It made our working relationship take on a whole new dimension for sure.

I am very happy to report we found their home, they have been in there since early summer and the message I got the other day was just how much they still love it! He had told friends who are house hunting here to call me and wanted to let me know.

The 6 degree of separation applies to real estate too!

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