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Life on the Cusp

September 29, 2009

Life on the cusp, and I don’t mean a horoscope cusp! Yesterday I wrote a post about being overwhelmed, choosing and using new technology. I am fairly comfortable with the things I use. However…. sometimes you just want to pull your hair out!

Connecticut has more than one MLS. I live in an area that suffers from what the MLS calls “overlapping market disorder”. I recently joined a second MLS, I felt forced into it, but this is the MLS that has the only hope of becoming a true statewide one state one MLS company.  This means…
Entering the listings in both MLS’s
Making sure they are both showcased on
Claiming them both on Trulia
(On and on, more and more)

I am sure there are other things I will have to do twice, but this morning it escapes me for the moment. I can’t opt out on either of them because there is are key differences where the listings are placed, although there are identical places, I need the key differences.

Mind you the 2 are completely different as far as user interface. Their terminology is different, everything is different. Different as night and day. One is RExplorer and the other is MLexchange, two very different interfaces with very different benefits to the end user.

This morning the latest MLS that I joined (referred to the statewide MLS) has rolled out a wonderful feature that is FREE to all the users. It is an upgraded IDX type of program, and when I signed in I had to configure my website, etc. Of course I have not attended any training yet, my webinar is tomorrow. I am very excited about this. I again will be ahead of the game, not many of the agents in my area belong to this MLS, they rely on their brokers to input their listings. My other MLS gives me Listingbook which not only showcases my listings, but more importantly is an awesome tool for buyers and sellers.

As long as there is a power struggle we will continue to be offered upgrades for free, which is ok by me. However, I was just thinking, perhaps I need 2 of me. (I know I need 2 wallets for all the dues.)

(In case you were wondering why I chose the photo I did, the picture is in honor of my beautiful cow Patsy, who won me the Nature in Marketing Contest, but who moved on to greener pastures without fences.)

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