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Overwhelmed by technology and the latest real estate trends? You have come to the right place.

September 28, 2009

OverwhelmedOverwhelmed by technology and the latest real estate trends? You have come to the right place.

I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. The other day I was trying to remember how old I am and how old I am going to be. Somehow the exact number escaped me. On purpose? Perhaps. Just a sign of getting older? I hope not. Or maybe it is more of an “it doesn’t really matter anyway”. No, this birthday is not a milestone, but I do tend to get pensive each and ever year about these things.

I have read thoughts and ideas that have indicated that people under 30 are zooming ahead of me with their use of technology. I beg to differ. I use the tools I like to use, I can even build my own computer, I can figure out how to do many many things, due to my time here on Activerain I am on top of the latest tools and technology that are available. I know the real estate trends as they are happening across the US and Canada, before all those studies are released by the NAR, etc. I am trained by the best of the best from social networking to short sales, throw in a bit of ethics, new marketing techniques, daily inspirations, a good dose of humor and you have a pretty well rounded day at Activerain.

Bottom line, don’t let anyone intimidate you about the latest tools and tech “stuff”. If you find your head is swimming, find someone here in the rain that is sharing their knowledge about these tools. Follow what they are talking about, ask questions if you aren’t quite getting it! Don’t ever think that these things are only for the “younger” crowd or people that are more tech savvy that you are. Everyone starts somewhere, and AR is the best place to start!

Here are a few of the people I have found right here on Activerain that have helped me to push myself further. There are many more of them here, I can assure you of that. These people range from tools, technology, real estate knowledge to humor and daily inspiration.
Gold guys
Steve at Amazing Video Tours has done some great stuff. Check out his Video, How to use Twitter (without using Twitter)  Steve does some really great Video Tours too, he is great with a camera and very generous with his knowledge! I have had many a question about my new camera, and he was generous enough to talk me through a few things.

If you are not familiar with Realbird, you should be. The combination of Activerain and Realbird propels my posts on the search engines and causes the phones to ring! Gabe has been very generous with his time. I started by using the free Realbird, but quickly moved to the paid version. I can tell you, there is no difference in the level of customer service between the free and paid, they are awesome!

Jeremy Blanton from Activerain is great. Right now he is running a “one on one blog training”. Now how cool is that?

Brad Andersohn from Activerain is also another great resource. And if you are not quite getting what he is saying but you know you should be doing it, give him a call, shoot him an email, he will get back to you and help you out!

Katerina Gasset is also top notch and full of helpful information. Need to learn more about SEO or short sales? Katerina is sharing her knowledge on a regular basis here.

Bob Stewart of Activerain has helped me out so much with localism and listing posts, he is one of my favorites.

Bryant Tutus, or Broker Bryant or Blog Boy, by any name is clearly a short sale expert and zooms ahead in using the internet for real estate. I found Broker Bryant early on and changed my thinking on how I prepare a CMA as well as how I present it to my sellers.

For my daily dose of inspiration I read Richard Weisser here on AR. Richard is a very accomplished photographer, poet and realtor, I am sure you will enjoy his posts.

Russel Ray has great business and marketing tips with his Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Group.

Lastly, someone who makes me laugh almost every time I read her post, someone who shares my love of all things bovine, even went to France and took a picture of a desk painted like a Holstein cow for me. Pat Kennedy is the funniest lady around! And she sells some great real estate too!

I read many more, these are the highlights of a few of the people that have helped me out greatly here in the rain. Thank you to those whom I mentioned, and those whom I didn’t mention. AR is like real life in so many ways. We all have our neighborhoods we live in, we have our close friends, we have our mentors, our teachers, and there are enough people here that I am sure you will find your own set of “friends” that will benefit you!

Don’t be overwhelmed by technology and the latest real estate trends. Activerain is truly the best place to get your answers. You have come to the right place, Activerain leads the band!

Leader of the band

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