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Blogyngitis, I have it, it is horrible and I don’t know what to do.

September 19, 2009

Depressed BeanBlogyngitis, I have it, it is horrible and I don’t know what to do. Similar to laryngitis, I believe it may be a related disease. Whatever it is, this is a disaster! It all started a week and a half ago, some “stuff” happened in my personal life which took my full attention. Along with this “stuff”, my doggie got sick. (which was the only thing I could write about) I was away from my computer during the day while dealing with things, and realized I was suffering from the following symptoms.

  • Laptop has dust all over it.
  • Brain chatter is non existent.
  • My camera has cob webs on it.
  • My fingers are becoming fat and slow moving.
  • An abnormally quiet cell phone.

Now that I seem to have the time to write, I can’t think of one thing to say, other than whine about the fact I have nothing to write about. I hope this dreaded disease lifts, that the Blogyngitis clears up. I am not sure what the cure is. It is medical, is it psychiatric?

The side effects of blogyngitis include google milk dehydration and a growing girth. (Without my fingers being otherwise occupied, they have been working hard to push food in my mouth.) This does not give them the needed exercise and is causing my pants not to fit properly. The google milk dehydration is the worst part of the whole disease, I can only pray that it is a temporary side effect.

So to my friends, if I have been quiet, or weak in a response to your wonderful posts, it is nothing personal. I just can’t “speak” lately! I will try to take my camera out of the back seat, put it in the front, drive around and look for something to speak about. I don’t care if it is real estate related, town related, just a good local photo op, anything. I just want something that will inspire this disease to END!

Blogyngitis, I have it, it is horrible and I don’t know what to do.

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