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Pancreatitis and anaplasmosis, I almost can’t even say it, doggie woes

September 16, 2009

DuncanDoggie woes, pancreatitis and anaplasmosis, I almost can’t even say it. I have a wonderful dog, he is fast approaching 9 years of age. We have had some health issues in the past. He got a bit, shall we say, portly over time. I got his weight down to an acceptable number, but didn’t even realize it until I gave him a bath and noticed without his fur sticking out he was looking pretty svelte. He suffered from Lyme Disease about 6 years ago, we got through that. About 3 years ago he had an attack of pancreatitis.

This is a very serious disease, if you have a dog and are not careful about what you feed your dog, please read about the causes, symptoms and treatments. Some breeds are more prone, no matter what you feed them. Your beloved friend can suffer and even die, many do not recover. We almost lost him, it was touch and go for 2 weeks. Well, my best friend is suffering from another attack. He was put on medicine for it, and seemed to get better, but last night I just “knew” he was sliding backwards. He snuck around to the neighbors and ate something he shouldn’t have. Feeding a dog with who suffers from pancreatitis is not always easy. They need a low fat diet, but they also need to eat more carbs that protein, as carbs are more gentile to their digestive system. Only 2 dog foods are recommended, and both are by prescription only. You can cook for them and I am researching this option now.

On top of this the bloodwork shows he has Anaplasmosis, a tick borne disease which can cause joint pain, but more important causes neurological issues. We can deal with this now with an antibiotic. He has been having little seizures, and they too should go away as soon as he gets the antibiotic behind him.

If you have a dog, don’t feed them table scraps. You will increase the risk of pooch pancreatitis. Those table scraps can lead to loosing your beloved friend. I can’t stress this enough, dogs die from this! Do some research on the best food for your buddy, and stick with it. If you have issues like we do of a garbage hound it makes things even more difficult. He finds food everywhere. Now I have to keep the garbage on the porch. We are on the road to recovery for sure, with some complications. It will be a few weeks before my best buddy is fully up to par again.

FYI, vets see a marked increase of pancreatitis during the holiday season. As a matter of fact, my Duncan had his first attack after he went over to visit the neighbor, and was given a huge plate of leftover Thanksgiving dinner. (unbeknownst to us).

I can barely say pancreatitis and anaplasmosis, but I can tell you they can really do some damage to our best friends.

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