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With a little help from my friends

September 8, 2009

With a little help from my friends…

SharkI think I have stumbled upon the solution to the short sale/foreclosure debacle. It was quite by accident I came across the answer, how we can get these short sales closed in spite of the banks. I figured out how can we get the glut of soon to be dumped on the market foreclosed on homes out of the hands of the banks! A comment left on one of my posts led me to this answer, so thank you Ed Silva!

Louie, that’s how. Louie sells stuff out of the back of his 56 Caddie, probably things you might need to handle with pot holders, but still, Louie knows how to move merchandise. Louie lends money. Just insert the word vig (vigorish) for rates and you are good to go! No more points, unless of course Louie applies a point spread because he is rolling the house loan into your current bet on the football game. I bet Louie will get back to you with an answer right away too.

Louie can buy all the loans that are not doing well, that are in danger of foreclosure and short sale. He will move product faster than you can say…. well, faster than the current short sale process! I will bet dollars to donuts that Louie won’t have long application forms, won’t loose documents, heck, I bet Louie will only ask for a first born or a finger for collateral. No more having to provide documentation again and again, no more chasing down employers for those pesky missing pay stubs. And forget about those sliding FICO scores. Louie doesn’t use FICO scores or any scores for that matter, unless you are talking about a sporting event.

I bet Louie will even through in a wide screen TV and a room full of recliners, for a small vig… or a mother in law.

I’m just sayin…. 

And just in case, here is my disclaimer. If any of you thought I was serious, well, I thought seriously about this post, then I wrote it. Frustration, and Ed Silva’s GREATEST comment in the world have inspired this FICTITIOUS post.

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