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Aspetuck Animal Hospital, New Preston, CT, a trip to the vet!

September 7, 2009

Aspetuck Animal Hospital New Preston CTAspetuck Animal Hosptial, New Preston, CT, a trip to the vet! Friday I had to take my beloved best friend Duncan to see the vet. I knew he was suffering from pancreatitis, we have been down this road before. Since his first acute attack, I have managed to keep him pretty healthy with good food and exercise. If he gets a flare up, I cook his food, white rice and boiled meat usually does the trick. He almost died the first time, it was horrible. So, the other morning I just knew this was “trip to the vet time”. His stomach was making those tell tale noises, he was lethargic, and I just “knew” he needed more than boiled meat and white rice. I was right. By the time I got there (in one hour) they had his records from the vet who had seen him for his first attack.

Dr. Trish Grinnell saw Duncan. We have seen her before. She is so sweet and kind, and talked to me at great length about the pros and cons of leaving him there, we decided I should take him home, but if he got any worse I would call her right away. Pancreatitis can be a swift killer of dogs, it is scary and horrible. She also discussed the blood test results, Duncan has Anaplasmosis, a tick born disease. Explains the onset of limping lately. We will treat that later, it is not critical right now. Dr. Trish also does acupuncture for her patients. Duncan has not needed it, so I can’t tell you how it works, but I have heard people swear by it for their pets.


Aspetuck Animal Hosptial was founded in 1970 by Dr. Ferris Gorra. Dr. Ferris is awesome, I love him. He tells me all sorts of stories about the local farmers, he used to be a cow vet years ago. Dr. Ferris also was the vet who put down my beloved cat Spoon this past winter, he was so gentle and kind. He sent me home with her for a few more days and told me I would know when to call, and that he would be there for me. He was right, I knew when it was time, and he was there for me.  A while after I got a letter from Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine, a donation was made in Spoons name to the college. They do that for all their “clients” who pass away.

Dr. Michael Gorra bought the practice from his dad in 2005. He is awesome too. I remember one Friday evening I got his home number from my broker, (she sold him his house and they are friends) we needed medicine for the farm, a cow was very sick. Dr. Michael didn’t have the right medicine, but he guided me to a vet who was able to help. Bovine vets are hard to come by, most large animal vets specialize in horses. When the regular farm vet is away it can be almost a crisis if you have something you can’t handle by yourself.

If you live in the area and are looking for a vet, I know I am very happy with them. A pleasant surprise, our visit was on Friday afternoon, in Saturdays mail was a comprehensive “report card” on Duncan, complete with his picture! They gave both Duncan and I high praises for his weight loss, he is now down to a thin and trim healthy weight of 75 pounds down from 90 pounds! It was hard work, but we did it. All sorts of other things are on there, and it is a wonderful addition to their services. They also have boarding, I have used it before and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to board their animals short term.

Aspetuck Animal Hospital New Preston CT


This lovely statue sits outside of the office at Aspetuck Animal Hosptial in New Preston, CT, I can tell you Duncan loves it, but I won’t tell you why.



Aspetuck Animal Hospital
278 New Milford Turnpike
New Preston, CT 06777

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