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What do you wonder about?

September 5, 2009

The wondering beanWhat do you wonder about? I drove myself to distraction wondering why the heck I was suffering from  “Dead White Space Syndrome” on my blog, yet others were not. What is it that I am talking about you are probably asking yourself right about now? Actually you are probably thinking that I have milked just one to many cows, weren’t you. Some others might be thinking I have too much time on my hands. Don’t you ever wonder about things? Like, does the fridge light REALLY go off when you shut the door? My mind goes in a million different directions, and I just “wonder” about things. I am in good company, do you think Ben Franklin was just drinking too much when he went out with the kite and the key in the storm? Like, he said, wow, let me try this! No, I bet he wondered what would happen if he flew a kite with a key tied to it during a storm. (Ok, maybe he did have a few, I don’t know and there is one more thing to wonder about).

Have you ever wondered why some ‘rainers blogs are bigger than others? As in … w  i  d  e  r ? I like the effect, I don’t like dead white space on the sides of the screen. It just seems like such a waste, you know? I have been on the hunt for the answer for quite a while now. I asked AR but perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough because I didn’t get the answer. Or maybe they just thought I was nutz, who knows.

I figured it out all by myself! For those of us who have custom headers on our blogs, as in we uploaded a jpeg, we have the white space on the left hand side. And those ‘rainers who didn’t do a custom header jpeg get to use that dead white space as BLOG space!

OK, fess up, how many of you have been driving yourself to distraction about this? Or am I the only one…
Question mark
A few other things I wonder about…. Why Bob Stewart is so young, yet so accomplished with his mastery of the English language, I mean, he appears to be all of about 12 months old by his picture. I wonder how many photos Craig Rutman can really photoshop. I wonder if TLW packs a pistol when she is out and about. I wonder if Nutsy is real. Yes indeed, these are the things I wonder about. But now I have ONE less thing to wonder about.

My request to AR, loose the dead white space for all of us. Give me more space to spread out! An answer would be greatly appreciated. I realize this is probably low on the importance scale to AR, but to one who is very particular about how my posts LOOK, it is very frustrating indeed! Or if any of you who have a custom header and have figured out how to beat the “dead white space syndrome”, let me know. You will have my undying gratitude and appreciation forever!

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