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Are there really any other real estate networks out there?

September 4, 2009

The Internet world in my handsAre there really any other real estate networks out there? I had posted a while back about sharing the AR wealth with colleagues, “As far as I am concerned, ActiveRain rocks the house!”. I realized 2 things, they don’t understand blogging specifically and they don’t understand the power of the internet. I kept my head down low and ran silently through Activerain, not telling anyone anymore what I was doing. Yes, a decidedly selfish decision to be sure!

My broker told me that my new colleague was very interested in doing what I was doing. She may not understand the inner workings of what I am doing, but she sees the power and benefit of it. When an agent is showing interest, of course she will ask me to cast my pearls of wisdom out for those that are interested. So here I am again, telling a colleague about the power of Activerain, not only for the information that is available to us at the touch of a fingertip, literally, but for the SEO benefits, the ability for us to reach consumers!

I was sitting at my desk working on something that was a DIRECT result of the SEO power of Activerain, when questions about other real estate networks were asked. How about this one, how about that one? At first there was an annoyance to my answer, was I really just beating my head against a wall? Then that little selfish light went on again, I don’t want to be competing with my own colleagues in the first place! My response was something to the effect of, sure, why not? Whatever works for you.

But more to the point, are there really any other real estate networks? And if there are, do they offer all the benefits that AR offers? I’m just sayin’…

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