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Secret Agent (wo)Man, is that you?

August 31, 2009

Secret Agent (wo)Man, is that you?

“There’s a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every move he makes another chance he takes
Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow” 

(Secret Agent Man Lyrics by Johnny Rivers)

I remember the advice from “Sweathogs”, don’t be a secret agent! Carry your business cards, wear your name badge, tell people what you do. Master Trainer Sheldon Spiegel pounded that in my head, I will never forget him talking about secret agents. Actually, I will never forget much of what Shelly taught me, and any of you who took the “Sweathogs” class with Shelly know exactly what I mean. But I digress.

I needed to speak with another agent in my town but didn’t have the phone number at my fingertips. I did my usual, I googled him, by name. This is an agent who is, by reputation, a heavy hitter, or was before the market came tumbling down and the way we do business changed. Now? I have no idea.

Have any idea what I found when I googled him?

ME! My Activerain blogs. He was in a photo I posted, and I mentioned him by name. I was in the top 3 spots of the search! First I laughed for about 20 minutes, then I called my broker over to show her. I don’t know if she really understood what we were looking at, or why it was a problem for him. 4th place was an ancient link to a website that listed him as working for us, which he hasn’t been for quite a while now. After that there were some nonsense links, and then I gave up.

I wonder why people just don’t understand the power of the internet, blogging in general, and Activerain in particular!

Living a life of danger, very dangerous for a realtor not to be searchable by NAME on google!
If they can’t find you by name on a search engine, you will certainly stay a stranger!
Certainly not being on the internet is taking a chance, a very costly chance!
Odds are, without an internet presence you won’t live to see tomorrow as a real estate agent!

I am not saying a word however, I didn’t just fall off the cabbage truck you know. Most importantly, Secret Agent (wo)Man is NOT ME!

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