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Overcrowding is a problem, even in the ‘rain!

August 31, 2009

sardinesOvercrowding is a problem even in the ‘rain! Have you ever noticed some posts are just aesthetically pleasing? For this post I am tossing content right out the window, that is not what I am discussing here. Although very important to getting your post read, I am talking about how your post LOOKS! Specifically, the placement of the graphics you use.

Give ’em room, let ’em breathe! Ever notice that some posts have the graphics smashed right up against the writing? Others have a bit of breathing room around the pictures. Ever wonder how in the heck that is done? I am here to say it is very very simple. When you put a picture of any kind in your blog, the second tab is where the magic happens. You can set the location of the picture, not only left hand side, right hand side, but also how far from the text! If you don’t set the location of the picture, your text will be stuck to the bottom of the graphic, and you will have all this dead space in your post! If you set the location, but don’t give it the space it needs, you will be crammed up against the text!

ar photo settingsWhen I start my post I like the first picture to be on the left hand side, that is just me. I want the text to start at the top of the picture also. I have found that the following settings work really well for my taste, you may want to play with this to find what floats your boat, or more to the point, floats your picture on the page! I have 2 examples here that show how to put the picture on either the left hand side or the right hand side of your text. Put your cursor where you want the picture to be (I always put my cursor on the left hand side of the page for either one), insert the picture, and follow the photo. It is easy, clean, and it works! I also choose to put a border around the picture, just put in a number for the size, the default is black. You can change that very easily, I put “orange” in place of black, and there you have it! (I also change my picture size here under dimensions)

Your pictures will thank you, your readers will thank you, everything will just look fantastic!

ar photo settingsI choose my graphics very carefully. I try to make the photos or graphics match somehow what I am talking about. There are others who have an arsenal of great photography and wow us with it in their posts. This is their STYLE and it works for them. Me? I am too anal retentive to do this. I need things to match.

There have been some great ideas tossed out in the rain for places to get graphics to use at a very reasonable price. But along with being anal retentive about my graphics choices, I am also cheap cost conscious. I often use the clip art in Microsoft Word, I copy and paste it into a folder I have for Activerain “stuff”. Sometimes I go out on the web, there are a few places to get free clip art if you really need to. Just make sure that you don’t clip any clip art or photos that are protected by copyright. I really prefer to use my own or Microsoft stuff, I don’t want the copyright police after me for a picture I use!

Give it a try, I think you will enjoy playing around with the placement of your pictures. I have only given 2 examples, and the easiest way to learn is to post a blog to “draft” and play with it! You can practice, see how it looks and no one will ever get to see it in case you make a few mistakes. In the beginning I made plenty of mistakes!

So, give your pictures room to breathe, no need to feel overcrowded here in the rain!

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