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I broke Google in the never ending quest for SEO

August 31, 2009

Google AdwordsI broke Google! In the never ending quest to find the proper titles for posts to improve SEO, I was using the “Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. A very cool item that Brad Andersohn had posted about a while back, go check out Finding Popular Search Terms, Keywords, Topics and Phrases. Today, Steven of AR reminded me about this wonderful item. You can actually check to see what people are searching for. I didn’t mean to break it, but I did. This is not the first time I broke a website, I admit it. Now there is a little note that says the Google engineers are working on the problem, they are aware. I hope they aren’t aware that I broke it, but only that it is no longer working!

For the last hour I have been looking at what people are searching for. I type in a phrase, it tells me how much competition I will have, how many searches are done for that phrase, and even suggests other phrases and tells me how many people are using those terms in their searches.

Looks like the best title that I can use for a post is “New Milford CT real estate”. I can of course build on that, but that is the best. 1000 people used that search term last month locally. Of course there will be a lot of competition for this, but I figure if I use it regularly I can keep myself ranked pretty high on Google.

That would be if I hadn’t broken Google…

Broken Adwords

But seriously, go check it out. If you read Brad’s post first you will get even more ideas, he gave us all some awesome ideas on what we should and could be doing to ensure our Google rankings. We can all use the Google Milk! Google Milk Cow

I know that now I am wracking my

brain to figure out what to write titled “New Milford CT real estate. It will come to me, I am sure. And with a few more tips I learned today I hope to get some rankings out of the whole thing. Rankings mean buyers, one would hope. I am trolling for buyers right now, I have listings that I would like to get sold, and the best way to do that is to dig some buyers up.

So, go check out the Google AdWords Site, only if they fixed it already, try not to break it like I did.

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