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Having fun and splashing in the puddles! An answer and more to Richard Weisser

August 29, 2009

Having fun and splashing in the puddles!

Littlest RealtorMy dear blog buddy Richard Weisser wrote a post this morning called “The delicate balance between work and fun is often upset by the need to make a living, and that’s what takes some of the spice out of life. Should blogging be fun?  I wrote a (lengthy, surprise surprise) comment on his post and he told me I should copy and paste it into my own post as he felt it was good AR blog material. So, being the good blogger that I am, here it is!

Between the contests that have been running around AR, and all the worries about SEO, etc., I have pushed to do more real estate focused blogging than fun stuff. I love fun stuff to be sure. All the work it has taken to do the RE focused posts have taken it all out of me. Then the realization that I need to continue to stay on top of the search engines, well, it can be a full time job. Hey, wait, I already have a full time job!

There is the added layer of the onslaught of posts from those that thought AR was becoming more of a social network and less of a real estate network. Now you have my head is spinning like a top! Finding my own personal balance is always tricky. Once a blogger has made his/her own group of friends being more social in some of the posts will work. The blogger will have “friends” that will comment on the more personal posts. There is nothing worse than putting a post here that is personal, or funny, that is not real estate related and getting blown off by all. Talk about a bruised ego!Market stats

I expect that when I am posting stats or very specific information about my area I won’t get that many comments. I am lucky with this as I have the most awesome group of friends on AR, the best group as far as I am concerned. I often get such encouragement from my blog buddies on my real estate specific posts I am blown away by it! But it has not always been so. When the comments are way down, or nil, it can be a bit painful to my ego, I admit it. But when I do get encouraging remarks left in these posts, in reality I know that my AR “friends” that do comment are doing so out of more out of courtesy to me, to encourage me, to put more weight on the post from prospective clients that may be reading it. Then of course there are posts about this, people complaining that there are not enough comments on listings, on this on that. You have seen them, whining that way back when the dinosaurs were posting on AR, everyone commented on everything. It was more of a community, a real estate community. All of this makes my head spin!

What I have learned from my time here is that I have people who I will support no matter what they write because it is what I would want. For instance, Richard writes a report about market stats in Newnan, GA. We all know it does not relate to the market that I am trying to sell, and take my dad out of the picture (who lives in Newnan and is thinking about selling his house, and take a guess who his agent will be) it has no relation to me personally. But because Richard has been so supportive of me, and I have come to eagerly await his posts, I comment on the market stats because he has earned my respect as a blogger, as a person, and he deserves a comment from me. Then when his post is more personal, or non real estate related, I get a real treat! And of course I comment.

How did I find my blog buddies? Easy, I poured over post after post in the beginning and I left comments. When I wrote posts and someone left a comment, I followed the link to their blog, AND LEFT COMMENTS. I followed a few simple rules, I was respectful, I was courteous, I made sure I actually read the post and left a comment that made sense, and I ALWAYS answer a comment on my post. And if by chance I come across a post that I feel strongly about in a negative fashion, I just move on. With my group I rarely run across this. And, my horizons expand on a daily basis as far as who I splash in the puddles with on AR.

So to answer Richards question, blogging is certainly work. Anyone who thinks it isn’t should think again. Coming up with fresh ideas, taking photos, checking stats, making sure what you put out there is ACCURATE information, this is all hard work in addition to selling real estate, staging homes, inspecting homes, doing mortgages and who knows what else our dear members are up to. But is it fun? It sure is for me, and it sure should be for you! It should be fun as it is beneficial to our business and to us personally. So, jump right in and splash in the AR puddles! Stomp your feet with wild abandon, get your friends wet and just have fun!

Thank you Richard Weisser for insisting I write a post based on my comment to you. You are awesome, and I can hardly wait to add you to my list of ‘rainers that I have met in person!


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