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Thimble Island Tour, Branford CT

August 28, 2009

The Thimble Islands of Branford, Connecticut were first discovered in 1614 by Adrian Block, who also discovered Block Island. There are 25 islands, now all privately owned. Some have fresh water from the mainland, they generate their own electricity with generators and solar panels, they are all summer residences. The islands have been used for farming, vacationing (there were hotels at one time on some of them), quarrying pink granite, Captain Kidd lived there, bootlegging operations were performed here.

The tour lasted about 45 minutes, Donna Bigda and I went on the Sea Mist with Captain Mike. It was a lot of fun, only cost us $10.00 apiece, the tours run every hour and their are 3 tour boats that run daily. The Sea Mist even has a bar on the lower level, but we were too busy taking our photos from the upper level deck.

I would put this on my list of fun things to do on the Connecticut coastline. It was great fun, I took 700 photos and am still going through them! One of the islands is for sale, aptly named Gazebo Island. The town will not give permission to put a house on the island, but there is a dock and a gazebo, and if you are smart you can dock a houseboat there to live on during the summer! All yours for under $400,000! Give Donna a call if you are interested!

I have many more photos, but will take my time getting them ready to go. I hope you enjoy my slide show! And, for those of you that read my post yesterday called “Two AR passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour, a three hour tour…” it would not have been a bad thing to be shipwrecked on THESE islands!

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