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I could feel the hard body against my hand, my fingers were tingling with anticipation…

August 24, 2009

I could feel the hard body against my hand, my fingers were tingling with anticipation…
Lighthouse stairs
I was on the stairway to heaven, beads of sweat were forming on my upper lip, my hair was damp…. I felt more excited than I have felt in YEARS!

I took a new listing yesterday. The builder and I sat down and discussed what I was going to do to market the property. I am very excited because this is a certified green home, and I have not had the pleasure of dealing with one of these yet. What else has me so excited?

I get to blog about the home! I proudly pulled out 2 hyper local posts I have done here on AR, you know the ones that earned us obscene amounts of points. I printed them off and waved them proudly like a flag in front of the builder. My mind was reeling and racing with thoughts of the links I can use. I might have even been noticeably salivating when I was asking questions about the different materials in the home. All I could think of was links links links.. to information about the products, links links links to more information about green homes. I could feel the hard body, the curve of my mouse in my hand, the smoothness and coolness, clicking on those beautiful links. 

He looked at my posts and seemed impressed. But who cares what he thought, his face was blending into the scenery, I was beyond worrying about that, if he understood blogging, if he knew what links were. By then I could not think of anything else but taking the photos and writing my post. I was giddy, my fingers were tingling with the anticipation of hitting the keyboard and creating the most google milk filled post I could possibly have ever written, or maybe ever will write in the world. It will be a masterpiece of epic proportions!  Then the pièce de résistance, the icing on the cake as it were, the realbird property search full page widget that will seal the deal for me with google and all the other search engines.

I had to remind myself that I must do the mundane things like enter the listing in the MLS before I allow myself to write the greatest post ever written. Last night l fell asleep with visions of google milk dancing through my head! I dreamed of a post that obtains the most comments ever written, the most points ever. The post that will drive me right over the top! Brad, Bob and Jeremy were there, sitting at my feet, Zoltan from realbird was bearing gifts.


OK, back to earth. I have a listing to enter and a post to write!

© 2009 Andrea Swiedler. Unless otherwise noted, the content, both written and in pictures, is the property of Andrea Swiedler. If you wish to use something you see here, please email me ( with your request. Most likely I will oblige, with a link back to my original content as well as an acknowledgment. Although imitation is the highest form of flattery, please let me know before you decide to bestow this form of flattery on me! Thank you.

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