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Candlewood Lake – Realtors Enjoying an Afternoon at Candlewood Lake in New Milford

August 20, 2009

Candlewood Lake, Connecticut – Realtors® enjoying an afternoon at Candlewood Lake!

Candlewood Lake

For Realtors® in New Milford, CT, Thursday is the day we look at homes for sale. There are 2 ways we do this, first is called Caravan, next is a Broker Open House. At Caravan we meet at the train station at 9:00 am, do a bit of socializing with each other, networking, talk about our listings, jump into cars and look at homes as a group. Broker Open Houses are listed on the MLS for us, we decide what homes we want to see and go. Many times there is food for us at Broker Open Houses, and anyone who knows real estate agents, they know if you serve food, we will come.

Realtors on Candlewood LakeYesterday 3 of the homes on Caravan were also on the Broker Open House Tour. They all were on Candlewood Lake in New Milford, CT, each had a slice of direct waterfront with a dock. The other wonderful thing was that they served us a progressive lunch! Amazing food I have to say. We started at the most expensive of the homes, co listed by Suzanne Gallup of William Raveis Real Estate and Steven Drezen of Portfolio Properties. Suzanne was very creative, she brought her party platform boat over and we got a bit of a ride out on the lake, complete with mimosa and kicker appetizers! This home is on the market for $3,950,000. I really want to say a big thank you to Suzanne and Steven for such fun, I really needed that boat ride! Then off to Ellen Cavallo of Independent Realty’s listing for $679,000. Ellen made one kick butt shrimp salad and some of the best tasting home made lemonade I have had in a long time. Then we made our way over to Katie Harrison’s listing. Katie is the Harrison of Fazzone and Harrison Realty, and Katie is one amazing cook. Any time I see she is serving food, it is a big deal. Katie’s listing is on the market for $1,475,000. Katie made us bratwurst, some very tasty potato salad, corn on the cob with cheese on it, wow, that was great, and more food that I really can’t remember. What I do remember is that I saw some really cool homes and was stuffed when I got back to the office!

Candlewood Lake is the largest man made lake in Connecticut. With homes of all price ranges dotting the lakeside, it is a very popular place to live. For those fortunate enough to have views of the lake, you are certainly the lucky ones! For anyone looking for lake property in Connecticut, check out Candlewood Lake in Danbury, Brookfield, Sherman, New Fairfield, and New Milford! Check out my blog about Candlewood Point at Candlewood Lake, one of the many communties tucked in around this very special lake.

I had a good day, the lake was, as always, beautiful, and Suzanne, Ellen and Katie made it an unforgettable day. I am really glad I took my camera on the boat and am able to bring you these pictures. Thank you to Joe Chemero and Holly Mullins of Coldwell Banker and Todd Sargent of William Raveis for being such good sports and allowing me to take their pictures!

Homes for sale, greater New Milford CT.

Local area information, New Milford, Washington, Roxbury, Kent, Bridgewater, Sherman and Warren. Why you should be looking for a home here!

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