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A funny thing happened on the road to blogging

August 20, 2009

A funny thing happened on the road to blogging…

mouse manNo one in the office has taken my blogging seriously. My broker read a few things that I sent to her, or showed her while I was in the office. However….

All of a sudden she has been talking me up as the marketing expert of the office to potential clients. We will be working on a project together probably by Monday, so there is more to come with that. And I am very excited about this one, but you will all have to wait for any more info! She has also started giving me lists of things I need to take pictures of and write stories about to include in my blog!

Another agent in the office who is on the tail end of her career has just gotten a listing. Tonight my husband and I are going over to her house for dinner as payment for all the online marketing I did for her as well as for the photos I took of the house. I love this woman and would gladly help without reservations. No problem there.

But now it is showing up in other ways too, clients from other companies! Rut roh!

I have a friend who is actually listed with another company, long story but I am more than ok with that. I actually did the photos for the MLS of the house when I saw what the other agent had done. Now my friend called me and said that she was very annoyed that she couldn’t find her house anywhere on the internet in ways that she finds my things out there. Rut roh is right… So, she wants me to post about the neighborhood her house is in. Now there is that small, petty part of me that would like to tell her to pound sand, but in all honestly I really am fine with not having the listing. Probably more than fine if you know what I mean. The conversation started taking a turn for the worse as she was expressing frustration that the house wasn’t sold, it was costing her much, not a good internet presence, etc. I was very quiet and glad when I had to get off the phone.
My office has a  listing on the street too, the agent who has the listing has given me the high sign to do a post about it, and I will include a shot of the outside of her house and a general thing about it being on sale, just like the other hyper local posts I did. My broker knows and said since I took the photos and since the owner of the home told me to use the photos and because our office has a listing and that will be my main focus, she told me to blog away.

I came to AR with skills already, but somehow in the last few months my broker and some of the public has sat up and taken notice. I am more than happy about it, among other things wanted to thank all of you who have helped me along this AR road to success. And I readily admit that I have learned volumes here which added to what I had already.

The pressure is on now, I clearly have to keep learning to live up to the new reputation I have gained at least within my own office!

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