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Crusader Rabbit needed a cause

August 19, 2009

Crusader RabbitAfter watching a deal flush right down the toilet yesterday I really needed something to sink my teeth into.  I needed a challenge. I needed to do something that might make a difference.  And I really love love love trying to get the big guys to do the right thing. (comes from years of working on behalf of the underdog I would say). Crusader Rabbit needed a cause!

My choice of things to do might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, I sat down at a desk, came up with a solution, then hunted down the people I needed to speak with like dirty dogs. Then, as my husband so aptly describes it, I got to squeeze their eyeballs!

Why am I telling you the story here? I heard something very interesting during the “hunt”. Although we all know it, hearing it the way I did yesterday just confirmed what we all know. Banks have their heads right up their butts.

A while back I posted about a guy who lost his home to foreclosure despite the fact there was an offer that would have paid off the first mortgage, given a small amount to the second mortgage holder (WF home equity line of credit). No one cared, the gavel came down, and house was gone… sort of. See “Slick Tricks” There are a few weeks before the committee approves the deed, so back to the office my attorney friend went to try and obtain a release of lien from WF. If she could do that then the judge would set aside the foreclosure, allow the sale, the mortgage would be paid off and her client could start to piece his life back together again. One would think WF would agree that something was better than nothing, right?

Not an easy task, she didn’t find anyone to talk to her at WF who could help. In walks Andrea, frustrated to the max, needing someone to kick and a bank sounded like the PERFECT target to me. I am good at this kind of stuff guys, really I am.

After a bit of detective work and eyeball squeezing I got someone at WF to tell me where the proper place was call. It was actually at a 3rd party collection agency. They don’t own the debt, but they need to negotiate on MY behalf with WF. Here were my points to the gentleman that was assigned to me yesterday. (we have until Friday to make this work)

WF never filed an appearance in court with the foreclosure
WF will get zero if the gavel bangs in favor of the foreclosure
I can get WF over $3000 instead of zero

If this doesn’t happen, despite the fact that you say WF is not concerned as they will still go after the gentleman because this is CT and you say you can, however the attorney has advised her client to declare bankruptcy. There is NO money that this man will have to give if this opportunity is lost to satisfy this debt. Unless of course they would take about a buck fifty and pocket lint.

Now what I find to be of interest here is that the person I was assigned as my contact person said to me…

(paraphrasing of course) He said we are still getting the run around as WF is the one who has to agree, not him. (WF had insisted with me it was out of their hands, surprise surprise) Yes indeed I was correct, this is the right thing to do. It is possible to get it done in the time frame needed, but you are dealing with WF who could care less about the right thing to do.

Affirmations, aren’t they a wonderful thing? And yes, I am going back today to pick up where I left off yesterday.

(and when you are really frustrated, go out and find someones eyeballs to squeeze, it helps)

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