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I wasn’t driving the bus, if I was driving this would not have happened.

August 18, 2009

VW BusI wasn’t driving the bus on this deal, not the buyer bus anyway. We had curve after curve, which, had the other people involved LISTENED to what I was saying, had realized that yes indeed, Andrea does know what she is talking about, I would not have had this very painful discussion with my seller today. They listened part way only, not all the way.

The deal is off, buyers can’t perform. A curve ball at the last minute to the buyer from the lender said oops, although FHA said your credit score is just fine, we say, NO WAY. A call to the mortgage professional I wanted the buyers to turn to for help confirmed what I suspected all along. They should have listened to me. CHFA could have made the deal work. And the mortgage professional I strongly urged them to use would have foreseen the issues upfront, made the correct course adjustments and closed the deal.

So, we will put the house back on the market by end of business today. I may loose the listing on the house, my clients need to “kick the dog” and I am really the dog right now. I just wish that the people that were in the bus with me had let me drive, I drive quite well you know.

And here is the kicker, my driving skills for this PARTICULAR type of deal came from ‘rainers as well as myself. With George Souto putting first time buyers of mine in a sweet home at an even sweeter deal of a mortgage, his generous time spent educating me on USDA loans and other products for first time home buyers, between all that I read here and my own personal knowledge, I am more than capable to drive the bus. As long as the people who are on the bus with me are not all holding maps to the wrong place and not trying to take the steering wheel from me.

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