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Metamorphosis of a seller

August 9, 2009

ButterflyThe metamorphosis of a seller. Like a butterfly in the cocoon, the seller is insulated, wrapped in the silken strands of belief that their home is the best home. Their taste is the best taste ever, their price is what the home is worth. These silken strands of belief keep the seller from any outside influences that may alter their perception of their home. There they are, snug, warm, content in the knowledge that they are right about everything.

As the cocoon is broken open and the light of reality hit our little seller, as air rushes in, the cold cruel world also rushes in and ravages little seller. The light of reality hurts his eyes, the air is thick with accusations, your home is falling apart, your house is dated, your price is too high, the appraisal came in much lower. Struggling to get out of this cocoon the seller spins and twists, and with a bit of luck there is a Realtor there waiting to help ease the transition. Funny, has the Realtor been there all along? Is that whose shadow was outside the cocoon all this time? Whispering things, forgotten now, but it is there somewhere. Whispers of “clean it up”, “lower the price”, “take care of the maintenance” hang heavy in the air. A distant memory, better forgotten.

The deal is done, the change is complete. Our seller is now a full grown buyer. What a difference a day makes! Flying gracefully from house to house our buyer is stretching his wings, gliding everywhere, room to room. Then it happens, our little buyer gets tangled up in a branch, it’s wing stuck in the cocoon of a seller.

Wings fluttering in a desperate attempt to be free, the trapped buyer is crying out for help! What’s that you say? What is wrong with this seller? House is priced too high? The house is a mess? The shingles are missing, the roof is leaking, the wiring is ancient.

Are you kidding me? Ah yes, the metamorphosis of a seller….

© 2009 Andrea Swiedler. Photo courtesy Microsoft Corp. This content is the property of Andrea Swiedler. If you wish to use something you see here, please email me ( with your request. Most likely I will oblige, with a link back to my original content as well as an acknowledgment. Although imitation is the highest form of flattery, please let me know before you decide to bestow this form of flattery on me! Thank you.

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