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Do you know who is watching you, or can you catch a social disease from social media?

August 8, 2009

Can you catch a social disease from social media? Do you know who is watching you?

I tweet, do you? I admit I amOwl Eyes still waiting to see what it is going to do for me. Tonight I decided to check out who is following me. I know I get emails when someone follows me, but unless you click the link to take you to their twitter page, you don’t know anything. Often times I see the email notification from twitter on my blackberry. I don’t click links from my blackberry unless I know I have to, then later forget about it. I do recognize my AR friends when they decide to follow me, I know who they are and am happy about that. … but…

As I said, I checked it out tonight. Here is what I found:

1 local person whom I do not know, good thing.Twitter
Fellow ‘rainers, all good
Some sales people in connection with real estate, not unusual
New Milford GOP, interesting, I am not exactly GOP material… but oh well.

A cousin of mine, we tweet, saves time, he’s busy, I am busy, all good
And 4 I deleted. When I clicked to find out more about them, no other way to put this, all porn. For the second I was on their tweet profile I felt dirty, like I had to go shower! ICK!

How about you? I do know there are sleazy people everywhere. But what in my tweets or blog or website or tweet bio would ever lead them to think I actually would write something that would be interesting to them, or that I would reciprocate?

The good news is, I have not yet run across a wanna be porn star on AR, and I am certain that the powers that be would not allow that. I bet it wouldn’t take long for them to find the vermin and weed them out.

I sure do hope you can’t catch a social disease from social media.

I’m just saying…. 

© 2009 Andrea Swiedler. (Photo courtesty Microsoft Corp,) Unless otherwise noted, the content, both written and in pictures, is the property of Andrea Swiedler. If you wish to use something you see here, please email me ( with your request. Most likely I will oblige, with a link back to my original content as well as an acknowledgment. Although imitation is the highest form of flattery, please let me know before you decide to bestow this form of flattery on me! Thank you.

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