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Babysitting plus clippers equals uh oh or how not to be asked to babysit ever again!

August 1, 2009

I am thinking that my youngest daughter will not be asking either myself or my oldest daughter to babysit again. Last time my grandson was over to his Auntie Jessie’s house he smacked himself right between the eyes with the see saw. It was so fast neither of us could get there in time to stop it. Then the mosquitoes came out and tried to carry him away. Within a matter of minutes we discovered he is more than a bit sensitive to bug bites, LOL. We took him home looking like he had been in a battle! Big bumps on his face, and a bit of a shiner…

So, did she learn her lesson then? Apparently not. I dropped by Auntie Jessie’s today to spend time with her and my beautiful grandson. We were looking at the unfortunate hair cut Cailan’s father had given him yesterday, and we were thinking how cute he would look with a buzz cut… and Jess had clippers… sooo…

BEFORE (taken a few weeks ago and you can still see the bug bites)



Buzz cut

Well, what do you think? We think he looks way to cute with his new haircut. You see he is not hiding behind those Foster Grants now, he is not embarrased about how he looks. Now he looks way cooler, like a little man! Maybe if I have enough positive feedback from here I can take it to his mother and show it to her. I have no idea what she thinks, we really did a hit and run!

When we took him home we shoved him in the door and ran….

Wonder if we will be babysitting again????

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