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Yes Mr. Stewart, there really is a Santa Claus and I think it might be… YOU!

July 29, 2009

SantaHyper local posts work, they really work! If you missed the contest you need to take up the challenge anyway. Even if you don’t get the obscene amount of points Activerain was passing out, you don’t want to miss out on the $$$$$$$$$$$$! Yes, the MONEY! Business, clients, MONEY!

(OK, walk with me on the whole Santa thing, give me some artistic license here.)

The other day I wrote a hyper local post on Lake Waramaug Luxury Homes. I added a slide show of some pictures I took recently, I had fun with it. Lake Waramaug happens to be a place I really love, so it was rather easy to do.

Tonite I opened my email. There was a request for more information on homes around Lake Waramaug. Now here is the thing, these homes are a million plus, two million plus, plus plus plus. Very beautiful, very expensive homes. OK, so you might be a bit skeptical. I am MS. Skeptical. I googled the person who sent the email. This is a real person, a VERY real person who should be able to afford a home on Lake Waramaug with no problem. (I really do love google)

So, what are you waiting for? I know I plan to keep writing these hyper local posts, obscene amount of points awarded or not!

To Bob Stewart of Activerain, YES, there really is a Santa Claus. I think it might be YOU! Thank you for the contest, thank you for the words of encouragement, thank you all the way around! To Brad Andersohn of Activerain, for your wonderful post How to Create a Blog Post for Customers and Search Engines, thank you! It works! And to Activerain in general, as I have said a few times before, YOU ROCK!

I can honestly say that I am positive I would not have had any email from anyone about luxury homes on Lake Waramaug without the hyper local post, without my google milk from all my posts on Activerain. I can bet on that. I am grateful for the chance, no matter how this turns out. It is only the FIRST of MANY MORE TO COME! And FYI, I have had a response to my response from this potential client, how awesome is that???

The moral to this story is, post, follow what the AR guys tell us to do, post, post more, comment, comment more, do hyper local posts on a regular basis, post and comment, read what the pros here tell us to do, then DO IT!

As I have said before…..

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