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This would have been a speechless Sunday but…

July 26, 2009

This would have been a “Speechless Sunday” but I just had to much to say…

Sunrise over New MilfordThe hyper-local posts that Bob Stewart wrote about and Activerain is giving us 1,000 points PER POST in addition to the regular AR points for, have kept me busy as can be. Between deciding which areas to write about, taking photos while the sun is shining,  researching the areas and finding good links for each post then actually writing the posts, I am whooped! Add to that working (can you imagine, have to take care of clients during all this) PLUS the Village Fair Days which I was committed to working the Board of Realtors booth on Saturday for 4 hours as well as being there to take photos both days, oh and add in my personal life… I am beyond tired. Add in a phone call from an agent who is doing referrals now, wants me to look at a condo to list which will be worth less than what they paid, and 2 apartments to list tomorrow, my plate is a bit more than full.

Now I don’t mind, and truth be told I am a point monger, (the longer I am on AR the more I realize this) plus the reason I joined Activerain in the first place was to get more business. But…

I miss my AR friends! I haven’t had time to get to all my blog buddies posts and comment, no witty reparte, nothing to chuckle about. Just hyper-local posts that bring me 1,000 per post (plus), posts that raise my points faster than you can say Jack Rabbit. Posts that give me more google milk and with more google milk more clients, that is the plan anyway.

What I have noticed is that it looks like all my AR buddies packed up their dolls and dishes and went home… or did they? NOPE, they are all out doing the same thing I am doing, research, photos, writing and posting all about hyper-local stuff. Then they are probably google watching to see if the magic has happened.

Good luck to everyone, I will see you all in THREE DAYS! In the mean time, have fun with the posts, and a big thank you to (poor, overworked and needs a raise and vacation after this) Bob Stewart who must be busier than a one armed paper hanger right about now! And another big thank you to Activerain!

And for the record, the photo is a sunrise picture taken at my house the other morning…

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