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As far as I am concerned ACTIVERAIN ROCKS THE HOUSE!

July 22, 2009

Activerain Rocks the House

For the first time in a few years I am not a State Director this year for Connecticut Association of Realtors® .  There was a meeting yesterday and my broker attended, bringing back the news that there are just over 15,000 Realtors® in the state. That is only about 300 plus less than last year. This number surprised both of us, we really thought that more people would not have renewed their licenses this year.

From those figures I went here on Activerain and looked at how many Realtors® there are from Connecticut on Activerain. Interesting, there are only 1137 Real Estate Agents and 108 Real Estate Brokerages, 63 listed as Real Estate Sales People and 10 Commercial Real Estate Agents as members. That is only 1% of the licensed Realtors® in Connecticut that are on AR and of those many are not actively posting to AR.

I was smiling all day long after I figured this out. Me? I am in the top spot on Activerain for my county and town, I am number 14 for the entire membership of the state. After such a short time here, only 5 months, blogging has positioned me on AR to a place I am very happy with. As far as search engines, I am rising daily as long as I blog daily. I can live with that. I have a deal pending as a direct result of my online activities and have 2 other people using my website IDX to search for homes. All as a direct result of my blogging. This I know to be fact. Before Activerain I was so far back in the search engines that unless you knew my name you would never find me. All this in FIVE short months. And really, it happened earlier. My buyers that are now in the pipeline found me 2 months ago. That was after only THREE months of Activerain.

Am I telling anyone in my office about this? I did in the beginning, but now mums the word! What is happening is that my broker has actually asked me for some information that I gleaned from reading all the posts here on Activerain. Blogging is rather a foreign thing to her, but she has run across a few things I have written and likes them. And so have a few other people I know. A local real estate attorney was searching for information about some local events and guess who popped up first in Google? Me! She called and emailed me to congratulate me on my posts, she went through many of them and loved what I was doing!

The moral of the story is, for you who are new to Activerain here is the best advice I can give you. Post post post. Comment comment comment. Read read read. Learn learn learn.

As long as you are not from my area….

A big thank you to Activerain and to all my fellow bloggers here! You are all awesome!


Celebrate beans

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