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Unique Marketing Technique got MY ATTENTION

July 6, 2009

You know those catchy titles we use on our listing flyers? I am always looking for good ones to swipe use.  We all have our own style, but sometimes you just see something someone else has used that really fits the bill, you know what I mean. Perhaps you are tired of the same old thing, or maybe you are in a rut. Who knows why, but the words somehow just escape you as you are the most desperate for them.

I spend time looking over flyers online that people have done to keep my ideas fresh. Sometimes you have that listing that you struggle to come up with something catchy because you are suffering from brain freeze, maybe the best you can think of is “Beats Living In Your Car”, and you know you can’t say something like… “Maliciously Maligned”, or “No One Died Here”, or can you?

This morning I was reading the post of one of my favorite people here. I am changing the name to protect the guilty innocent. Mr. Photoshop put up listing flyer and when I pulled it up while sitting at my desk in the office, what I saw as the headline was “Maliciously Maligned Home”. OK, I read and re-read, I burst out laughing, my broker came over to see what could be so funny. Clear as day it said “Meticulously Maintained Home” but for some unknown reason each and every time I look at it (and I have tested myself quite a few times today) all I see is “Maliciously Maligned Home”.

Maybe I need a vacation, maybe I need new glasses. Maybe I have just lost it. But I am adding that to my list of possible headings for that hard to describe listing…

Come on, admit it, we have all had them. How did you handle it?


Maliciously Maligned Home
On a Quiet County Lane

Perfect Country Home

Country Lane

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