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Are buyers looking at your website? Or is your website in cyber purgatory!

June 28, 2009

my websiteI had an interesting day yesterday. I took out some buyers that had signed up through my website (a few months back) to search for homes. They were not the first, but they stuck with the search, though not responding to my emails. Thursday night I got an email from them, we went out yesterday.

We only looked at 2 homes. They like one of them enough to put in an offer. It is a foreclosure, it just came on the market. I want to do a bit of research tomorrow prior to putting in an offer. We shall see what happens.

After we went out I sat with them and asked them a few questions about how they came to my website. They both work in the I.T. department of a large NY company, and they were very happy to answer my questions.

To preface this, I have only been really focusing on my website for the last 4 months. I had the ability to put IDX on there, but didn’t until 5 months ago. Shame on me. I tried to sign up for Market Leader, but my MLS won’t let me use it. They provide a program and will only let me use that. I was frustrated…. but this will help me get over it.

I asked them how they came to my website. They did a simple search, “REALTOR New Milford CT”. There I was. Although that is not the way I have heard that most people will search for a REALTOR, it is how they searched for one. Next they told me they liked the fact the home search was easy to find on my website, that the content was informative, easy to navigate and easy on the eye.

They told me they liked the search the IDX I have provided them. Today I signed them up with a program called Listingbook, which I also have through my MLS. They do like this better but they were happy with the first. It got them to call me, it got them looking at homes and it has the ability to pull information of the other MLS in use in CT. Listingbook does not have that capability. I focus in an area on the cusp of the 2 major MLS systems in CT, it is a difficult thing to deal with at times. I assumed the IDX did not pull from both MLS sytems, I was happily wrong! When I called the company who provides the IDX, they really weren’t on the ball, to put it nicely. I didn’t get any useful information from them, as a matter of fact I got inaccurate information. But… despite that… I am thrilled.

Moral of the story, take advantage of EVERYTHING out there. I hope to put in an offer tomorrow for them, if not this particular home it will be another, they are serious buyers! They have a time frame to move, they are preapproved, what more can I ask for? Every suggestion I made on my website for first time home buyers this couple did. For those of you that are new to Activerain, I credit AR with this couple finding me on page 1 of google. Pre-AR I was way back on page whatever, my website was really lacking, I was sitting out in cyber purgatory, which is really no where since there is no longer a purgatory!


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