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Update on surgery for Chick

June 25, 2009

Chick and John milking cowsMany of you asked, so I will keep you in the loop. Tomorrow at 7:30 am Chick will go in for his surgery. The damage was a bit more than they first thought, so it will be a 7 hour procedure, repair of the aortic aneurysm and also yet one more valve replacement. He was in good spirits today, looking better than he has for a while, and well rested. He was more concerned about all his “girls” back at the farm!

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated more than you know. I want to thank you for Chick, myself, and all of us who love him dearly! ou are all so awesome, I have been blessed by knowing each and every one of you.

I will be going to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for a bit, but he will be in ICU. I just need to make sure he is ok. I will let you all know when I get back home.

I have always asked Chick how he came to be known as “Chick”. He really had no idea, his given name is Charles, but no one calls him that, not for as long as he can remember. About a year ago another local farmer came by and mentioned something about it. Apparently when Chick was very little he followed his father around like a chick follows a mother hen, so they called him Chick, it stuck and it stuck but good! We had to tell the nurses to call him Chick, especially when he gets out of surgery, LOL, or they will think he doesn’t know who he is.

Of course when it rains, it pours. I have been watching the first people that signed up on my website for the IDX search, and they want to see houses this Saturday… How can I complain?

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