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You CAN Develop A Good Website From A Template-Based Corporate Format

June 24, 2009


Toot your own horn….

OK, I admit it, this post was about… ME! But really, if you are looking for a template website, you should give the people at Agentwebsite a call. They have been fantastic. And Jon Cannell there has been more than patient, responsive, works with me, thinks out of the box, he is a wealth of information.

I have made changes, added pages, the IDX was painless, and I always feel like I am an important client even though I am using the least expensive plan. I love my email, I just can’t complain, and you all know I can…

So, without further ado…. it’s all about ME!

And thank you Larry Easto, how very kind of you!


Via Larry Easto (Real Estate Marketing Link):

Using a template-based corporate format, you an develop your own unique website that encourages visitors to contact you.

Corporate Websites

real estate logosIf you are a real estate agent, the chances are good to excellent that you work with local office of a real estate company such as Century 21, Re/Max or a smaller national or regional company.

This means that for purposes of developing your own website, participating in your corporate website arrangement is probably the easiest and most accessible option.

Unfortunately after choosing this option, too many agents do little else to develop their own web space.

As a result, too many agents allow themselves to be little more than catalog entries on a corporate website.

A Great Website From A Corporate Template

Happily, Andrea Swiedler of Prudential Adams & Associates, REALTORS in New Milford CT, has done more than just sign up for the corporate website.

In fact, Andrea has created a great website that shows what can be done template-based corporate websites.

Andrea’s website does what every website should do…it over-delivers good visitor-satisfying information. website visitor

The opening screen shot of the home page promises the information that site visitors are looking for.

The home page offers lots of fast and easy access to a wide range of good, visitor-satisfying information. It draws the casual visitor into the site…once again doing exactly what the homepage is supposed to do.

Similarly, Andrea’s ‘About Me’ page does its job well.

It describes her personal brand and brand promise and then outlines the kinds of benefits that clients can expect from hiring Andrea.

After a brief outline of these client services, Andrea has included several testimonials and a list of her honors and achievements.

Without a doubt, from the perspective of an outside observer, Andrea’s site has the requisite ingredients in the right places.

But how does it work in practice?

Andrea has the answer:

“The whole goal of having a real estate website is to get customers to contact me, and this is happening now.”

Andrea’s website clearly demonstrates that you really can develop a good real estate website using a template-based corporate format.

* * * *

Would you like your site featured on my website and a future blog? If you do, request a free website review and we can go from there.

Or maybe Andrea’s site has triggered a desire to update or modify your site content…that’s fine too.

Just complete the form and I will conduct a free review of your website and offer suggestions as to how you might improve your site.

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