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Love is in the air… can’t you feel it?

June 14, 2009

HeartsA few days ago Pat Kennedy revealed her love to us, left a comment on one of my posts, (#26), I was thrilled. I felt so …. chosen … she even left a picture of the hunk!

Today I have my own love story, right here on AR. Through these very pages someone has singled me out, someone has decided that something about me is just what they have been looking for in life. Wow, and I thought the only benefit I would get from AR was real estate business, google milk, ahhh, I was so naive and innocent a few short months ago when I started here on AR. But now, love is in the air, the arrows are flying through Activerain and Cupid has pointed his arrow at me!

ugly cupid

Good thing he has bad aim…..


Contact message through Activerain:

Email Address:




tiram otii
My name is Tiram girl from west
Africa .
I went through your profile at ( and found out that we
can make a good match and i will like you to contact me
through my email
address (
so that i can tell you more about
please my dear i will like you to contact me at my mail
box (
Waiting for your mail,
Reply me as soon as possible so that i can give you my photos for you to know who i am,

Your Tiram

And just to clarify, does my picture look like a man or something??????

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