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OK, maybe I wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box

June 8, 2009

Not the sharpest tackOK, so maybe I was not the sharpest tack, nor the brightest crayon in the box. I might have even been a day late and a dollar short on this one, perhaps I was so sick this weekend the elevator wasn’t rising to the top floor, or maybe it was even that I just wasn’t packing a full sea bag. I mean I was pretty sick.. but still…
not the brightest crayon
I think I was offered a bribe of sorts to make a deal work. The carrot on the stick thing just doesn’t work with me. I mean, first thing when I met the agent he tells me he owns a few hundred acres and would love my help selling it. (on the other side of the state mind you) I said no thank you. We move on.

He sent me an offer. Cash, ooops… there is the whole issue about the fact they need to sell their home to buy this. Then the bomb drops. I think, if I am not mistaken, that this was where I was supposed to convince my clients that this offer, which is lower than low, is really a good one and the Hubbard clause is not an issue. I can, after all, co list their magnificent home on the lake with him. It will sell in a heart beat. Yeah, I didn’t fall for that either. I told him my office does not co list anything with anyone. Not allowed anyway. No thanks.

He is an older gentleman, and has health issues. I think perhaps this might have been something that maybe some might have done years ago, before buyer agency, before all these laws, you know, good ole boy real estate. Maybe a real estate license should be like a drivers license, after a certain age you have to pass a test or something. Because this was just bad bad business. No amount of continuing ed is going to help here.

Any thoughts?

Confused bean

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