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Hot and Steamin’

May 30, 2009

steamin andreaHot and steamin’, that is me. Only not like it sounds perhaps. After much work on a listing, I got a call from a fellow agent in my office who wanted to know if I had found out why they hadn’t called her back after doing a CMA well over a year ago, perhaps two years ago. She really expected me to ask, or to hand over the listing.  I am sure that would have made me look really professional.

Hello Mr. Seller, yes ,thank you for the listing. But are you sure you want me? Perhaps you misunderstood and you were really looking for someone you didn’t pick a few years ago.

Yeah, right.

I would just let it roll off my back however…. this is not the first time. I am hoping no phone calls go out to my sellers.  (I have good cause to worry about that too.)

How would you respond? I know when I don’t get a listing I send a very nice note to the person and wish them the best, sincerely.  I have heard of realtors who call the people and blast, or call the agent who got the listing and scream and yell.  Now mind you, I am talking about sucessful realtors on the whole.  Top producers.

I am guessing we are a very competitive bunch on the whole, and there are some sore losers in there too.  For now, I will go to the farm and milk the cows. Perhaps I can let off some of this steam with some hard work.

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