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A very important request, make a difference here in the ‘rain!

May 27, 2009

Helping outOK fellow ‘rainers… we have an assignment. Coming on the heels of Memorial Day,  this is really perfect timing. I found this young man on Memorial Day here on Activerain. His first post was featured, I was so happy to see that. I am counting on all my friends here to go and help Nick out if you haven’t already.

Nicholas Bush is serving in Iraq. This is Nick’s second tour of duty in Iraq. After the first, he came home, got back into life, got married only FOUR months ago, and… on his very first day as a full fledged Realtor he got the call, time to go back!

Nick is looking for advice, support, and to grow his readership so that when he comes back home he can hit the ground running. Please, subscribe to his blog, show your support and give him some suggestions. I know this is such an awesome group that he can’t miss with all of you taking him under your wing and helping him out.

Plus I think Nick and his unit, as well as all the others, can use our good thoughts, our prayers and our support. Go check Nick out!

Nicholas Bush

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