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UPDATED ***Ranting and Venting… where are your manners?

May 6, 2009

Angry Andrea

UPDATED: I have heard that the “offending party” did not actually post the comment. She logged into a computer at a cafe, logged into her AR account, then forgot to log out. So, lesson learned for those who use a public computer? Treat AR like your bank account or email account. (I bet she is happy she wasn’t logged on to her bank account at the public computer.)


OK folks, I have to know. If you run across a comment that really makes you angry, that really crosses the line and is downright rude to the person who wrote the post, what do you do? I ran across this tonite, it was not aimed at me, it was rude and disrespectful of the poster.

Perhaps some don’t realize that when a post is NOT marked “Members Only”, the poster may indeed have a local following, the poster may also own an outside blog where the post AND all the comments will show up.

I also realize there is that great delete button, but ghesh, come on. If I got so upset about the downright arrogance of someone to criticize content of a post, how will the person who posted feel? Perhaps I am a bit sensitive, but I am curious how you all feel.

Maybe newcomers don’t understand, but I am new here, I am not Einstein, and I understand. I am a bit more careful with my comments on a public post, I understand that these posts are for the public. I write my public posts with the hopes that local people in my market will read and call me. For members only it is a different story. But, if I don’t think the post is good enough, I don’t like the content, if I disagree, I move on. I have chosen NOT to comment on some public posts because I realized early on that my comments show up on google. Think about that, if I thought someone looked like a jackass because of their rudeness, think what a potential client might think if the comment stays on the post. Food for thought.

I also suggest for any of you that are new that you learn the difference between Public and Members Only posts. Our posts are marketing tools and it is our own decision how to market ourselves.

OK, I just needed to rant and vent, thank you for listening. And thank you to Activerain for that delete button.


UPDATE- I have gotten an overwhelming response here, and I want everyone to know how grateful I am for all your comments. I do love AR, what a great group of people I have met here. I feel as if I have known some of you forever, some I feel like we have just sat down and had a cup of coffee like regular friends! I know that a few bad apples… on and on. But I am not willing to let those few bad apples spoil my AR experience. I have learned a lot from my post through all the comments left here and perhaps will take a different approach next time I run across this. Perhaps an email, a polite email, and a polite response in my comment to the poster. Thank you!


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