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A hard day at the farm

May 3, 2009

Today is a hard day at the farm. My little farmer needs heart surgery, his aorta has stretched, and will have to be repaired ASAP. We are making plans to have things run smoothly while he is in the hospital, and during recovery. This means moving the cows that we milk to another farm, moving cows to pasture, selling off those heifers that are due within the next month, getting someone to plant the corn, on and on. I cannot do all this myself so we have begun with the preparations.

First things first, there are 3 calves on milk that have to be dealt with. For those of you that remember my posting about Ookie having a baby, we decided to put the 3 calves we have on her, this morning was the first try. You would think it is a perfectly natural thing for a calf to understand what to do, and for her to accept it. Hard sometimes actually, but, being the trooper that she is, she seems to be ok with it. So far one has found the spicket. We hope the others follow suit with monkey see, monkey do. The good news, one of the calves is hers anyway!

My plans for the day have changed. I will not be able to visit with Abe Lincoln after all, I have to be at the farm all day. I am a bit disappointed with that, but hey, you really have to be flexible in life or it will disappoint you every time.

Please, keep my little farmer in your thoughts and prayers, he needs them badly.With the previous heart surgeries, the Rheumatoid Arthritis, and still recovering from the ill effects of radiation, this is going to be very hard on him. This is Chick, about a year ago with one of his favorite cows, Claire. We still have Claire, and she will be making the trip to the neighbors farm with her friend, Emergency Cow.

Chick and Claire

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