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Putting on my Sunday Best

April 23, 2009

jumping for joyI am putting on my Sunday best tomorrow and jumping for joy. It has been a while, but tomorrow at 3 pm ….


I haven’t decided what to give them as a closing gift, they aren’t moving in until June. I am usually very creative with this however my mind is a bit blank. But that is not the point. I have a closing, wow!

And, business is heating up. I am so pleased with that. I have a very hot buyer, we are almost ready to put in an offer. I may have another offer on something else to submit tomorrow, I have 2 referrals going out, listed a house on Monday that will be on the MLS next Monday, delivering a CMA on Monday, checking out another house to list on Monday, and waiting for another couple to decide if they want to list their home, CMA already delivered.

Life is good! (and for those who saw my last post, as you can see, my hiccup is gone, all is right with the world)

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