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Hiccup or what?

April 23, 2009

upside down water

UPDATE, AR DIDN’T LIKE THE CODE. I REWROTE THE CODE AND ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD AGAIN. Be careful of the beginning code, AR is fussy about that stuff. I will post the other post tomorrow. Thank you for all your comments!!!


Activerain needs to drink a glass of water upside down!

I wrote this GREAT post about using different HTML editor programs for your blogs. I love to customize my blog with fonts, larger sized text, different colors, etc. I found one that lets me post with NO problems to my other blogs, pictures and all, no sweat!

After 2 hours of trying to post it to Activerain with the formatting, which I have done before, I have failed. AR won’t take the font styles or colors anymore. I went back to look at posts I knew had different font styles and POOF the font styles are gone. We all look the same now.

I have put a question out to AR about this, just thought I would let anyone who might be thinking they are crazy… they are not. AR must have a HUGE hiccup today. So, no great post from me about what I found, at least not until AR drinks a glass of water upside down and gets rid of this hiccup!

Drinking water upside down works for me when I have hiccups!

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