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I don’t want to sound sexist… but…

April 14, 2009

Dirty DishesI walked in my house this afternoon after a day which should have started with a board meeting at our local board of realtors, but didn’t for me because I was bogged down at an insurance company (for my little farmer adopted dad), then the office, out to show homes, back home to cook dinner, back out to milk the cows. I am tired.

So, I came in, hubby is at work, and I wont’ see him till I get back around 10 tonite. No leftovers, had to cook dinner. Had to make phone calls to agents, set up more showings for tomorrow. Dog is nutz, cats are bothering me. I am tired. I have laundry to do, a house to clean, I am feeling overwhelmed. My husband has started a new trend of not doing much.. yada yada yada. (Hubby has had a bad year, started his own school, has a huge competition next week in NYC, he is stressed too.)

I read a blog written by Mirela Monte called Real Estate Is Not For Sissies, about how she was way to busy with no assistant, agents unable to work, on and on. I felt for her.

My point is, I think what a busy realtor needs is a good wife.

OK, I am ready for the abuse, bring it on! 😀

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